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Is every Brit a precious snowflake now?

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I cannot believe people are complaining about this harmless ad from Tesco that is neither rude, offensive or other. What is really worrying is that it is ADULTS complaining now!

Have for a while been trying to workout how to stop this madness before the whole of the UK (if not the world) becomes a species of fragile humourless drones.

How to melt a snowflake or stop one forming

  • Compulsory non combat military service during youth
  • Compulsory rowing, rugby or other very intense outdoor sports between late single digits and mid teens (yes, I did all of it)
  • Those slightly older should be forced to watch at least 2 episodes each of the following:
    • The Two Ronnies
    • Benny Hill
    • Monty Python
    • Open all hours
    • The Sweeney
    • I’ll add some more as I think of them

This would be banned today!




Written by Oflife

April 13, 2017 at 7:59 pm

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