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So this fun guy did what we have done in the West without harm for decades by creating a parody, and then receives death threats. Worse, he then apologizes, therefore capitulating to the forces of evil. Those without a chip on their soldier can take and enjoy a joke, but those lacking in intellect and any modicum of Joie de vivre are destined to threaten and persecute anyone who they feel is happier or more successful than they are.

Sadly, as events in Syria of the last 24 hours prove,  our mixed loyalties caused by a penchant for global warming causing carbon fuels and hypocritical Oxford powered toxic liberal values mean we will continue to support the worser of the two evils in that part of the world. And this means less freedom for us, and long term, as the population demographics swing toward those who cannot enjoy a laugh, we are heading towards a true dystopian nightmare: 24/7 surveillance on one side, and inflexible group think on the other.

Fight back club: Don’t buy oil based products and never say sorry for harmless banter.


Written by Oflife

April 7, 2017 at 12:12 pm

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