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Before Brexit is blamed…

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..for this horrific attack, this sort of behaviour by feral youth has been going on in our country for years now. And I know, I have witnessed and been subject to it. Further, one reads about elderly people being bludgeoned to death in or near their own homes, random acts of extreme violence in city centres after dark and so on. Make eye contact with the wrong sort of people, no matter your race or other, and you are in serious trouble. (I was attacked and nearly killed in London by a half cast muslim, and then years later, threatened by two semi drunk tattooed white trash, so the attackers and victims are just as ‘multicultural’ as each other.) About 6 years ago, I happened to walk onto the main shopping street in Oxford where a young white lad had been punched for no reason and fallen backwards smashing his head on the concrete paving, there was blood everywhere and his life was on danger. His ‘mates’ and others were just watching, one on his mobile, not to the emergency services, but to another friend moaning about how the fact his ‘friend’ was fighting for his life on the ground would ruin the rest of their day. About 15 other youth were standing around watching. I called 999 and was told by the equally appalling jobsworth policeman on the end of the phone “Er yes mate, we’re watching it all now.” (From live CCTV.) Believe me, if the cops has spotted a motorist doing over 20mph down St Giles, they would be out in force pronto for a nice little earner for the city council. So what we have here is a mix of compassionless youth (do read Lord Of The Flies) and detached dystopian police.

Returning back to today, yes Brexit has provided an excuse for those without anything between their ears to blame some of the wrong people for their woes, but the irony is that they have in this case targeted someone (a Kurd) who comes from a part of the world that is fighting ISIS. But they are too stupid to know, and you can be assured, if the victim was a posh white guy in a blue pin stripe shirt, he would have met the same fate. These are just awful people, ***** trash, and nothing new!

Let’s hope this incident is not exploited by those who oppose Brexit. (As a reminder, I voted remain but also empathise with the case for Brexit. But if asked to vote again, I will still vote remain, because the Pros outweigh the Cons.)

Fight back club: Get to the source of the problem! (In this case, feral youth and useless lazy non patrolling distant CCTV watching police.)


Written by Oflife

April 2, 2017 at 5:23 pm

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