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British VS American Capitalism

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Although like many, I have an intense dislike of those US corporations who over the last few decades have persuaded American housewives to swap a fresh apple for a Pop-tart in their children’s school lunchbox, their broadcast media, whilst tacky and featuring atrocious graphic design, is at least ethical.

Right after 9/11, all US TV networks stoped broadcasting commercials during news stories about the attacks for several months. Not so here in the UK, in fact, it got worse. Channel 4 – the bastion of so called left wing ‘progressive*’ television – saturated the airwaves with dramadocs about 9/11, (I remember clearly there were about two or three every single week), and bombarded the programmes with commercials. Worse, they did what American TV shows do during normal times: As the show progresses, the gaps between each commercial break gets smaller, so right during the last few minutes of the program you get about three commercial breaks, or there are a lot of commercials in each break. Either way, it’s a nuisance and way OTT.

Well, here in the UK we have sunk that low again. I just clicked on a video report on today’s atrocity in Westminster on the Daily Telegraph website. Guess what? A 30 second commercial started to play first! I immediately closed the page, not wanting to profit either the advertiser or the newspaper. Other online papers do the very same thing, including the liberal ones. I just do not know how they can justify this.

Fight back club: Refuse to consume content that profits from carnage.

*= Encouraging people to behave in a manner that is not natural or good for them in the long term.


Written by Oflife

March 23, 2017 at 1:03 am

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