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On Quora they asked what you would do if you were ‘Emperor of the world’ for a day. I replied: Make it mandatory for solar panels to be fitted (where practical) to every free rooftop, world-wide.

But in reality, if I had more than a day, I would (as per a separate Manifesto page I have been working on most of my life), ensure there was clear separation of state owned and commercial endeavours, with national infrastructure managed by the state employed morally upstanding people, and non essential ventures, such as the manufacturer of smart phones, vacuum cleaners and other things we like but don’t need left to the free market.

This is why. The second I learned a few years ago that Thames Water had been acquired by the Chinese and other distant emotionally detached entities, I knew something like this would happen. The public and environment are both being treated with contempt.

Fight back club: Unsure, but probably go back to how it was when water was collected locally and sewage ran into a septic tank under your garden, where nature (bacteria!) dealt with it.


Written by Oflife

March 22, 2017 at 2:13 pm

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