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Sex and life are a privilege not a right

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A few posts ago, I used a similar term in a quote from Mr T.

And as per my previous post, incredibly selfish SJWs (where does the term ‘justice’ come from exactly?) are clamouring to terminate babies for any reason.

Having watched ladies who hold the very opposite view struggle to have one or more children and then devote love and attention to their upbringing and education, it becomes clear that to have a child and take care of it is one of life’s greatest goals, gifts and responsibilities. But to make love and create that child should not be looked upon with the same attitude as watching TV or playing a video game.

  1. There’s sex for fun (why not?)
  2. There’s messing around irresponsibly
  3. There’s sex for having a baby
  4. There’s rape

If 1 & 2, you protect against accidents. If 3, you can’t change your mind months later. Here’s why: If you adhere to decent family values, your family will help you bring up the child, so even if you cannot cope, you will manage. You are very lucky to have created life, so take care of it.

If 4, there’s the law, and common sense. The situation is totally different.

Fight back club: Time for protests to have this Savage woman fired.


Written by Oflife

March 20, 2017 at 1:35 pm

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