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So it’s International Women’s Day.

One of the genuine issues facing the fairer sex is that due to the way biology works, some humans are attracted to others. In specific circumstances this can be awkward, in particular in the work place. If a person in a position of authority is attracted to one of their staff (human nature remember, not an evil plan), it not only means that the manager is likely to biased towards the employee, but makes the employee feel uncomfortable if the feelings are not mutual. And even if they are, then it may make other employees feel uncomfortable.

When I went on a Club Med holiday a while back, single people were not allowed to share hotel rooms with members of the opposite sex. This to protect women of course. A good idea. And likewise, often when one is in a hospital or seeing a Doctor, one is offered the chance to be seen by someone of the same or opposite sex if a sensitive examination is required.

So, in companies, why not give employees the option to only report to members of a gender they are comfortable working under?

Again, we cannot make biology, love, affection and such illegal (not to be confused with violence and other unacceptable behaviour), but we can make things less awkward.



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March 8, 2017 at 4:01 pm

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