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Liberals have blood on their hands – again!

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When will you learn that nasty people get their way by being very very crafty and manipulate those with good intentions AND/OR people who secretly share the ideology or character flaws of the nasty people? My real world experience shows that most ‘activists’ are not so good at a stable career. Will never get over the day I sat next to a lady on a train who was wearing a badge that supported one of those ’causes’ that is trendy, but very toxic in its motives. We chatted about this and that, I avoided sharing my views in order to maintain an air of cordiality in the quiet carriage, but before departing, I asked “Out of interest, what do you do when not activating?” to which she replied, “As little as possible.” Enough said. (Yes, I have mentioned this before elsewhere within this blog.)

Fight back club: Sort your life out and focus on saving the world and seeking truth, not being duped by failures who make up for their inadequacies by hating AND/OR exploding on others.


Written by Oflife

February 21, 2017 at 8:04 pm

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