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Early Learning Centre accused of promoting outdated gender stereotypes | World news | The Guardian

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Dang, comments section closed seconds before I could post my view, so copied it to the clipboard…

“More lefty BS. Havn’t you lot realised you are not only morally wrong, but historically and biologically? Women do wonders, but are NOT male. Remember that video a few weeks back of two female police officers screaming and running away from a thug who was attacking someone? That is your useless precious gender equality for you. It is bad enough with women wanting to be fire fighters. I know who I want carrying my 150lb loved one down the ladder.

ELC, please don’t change your ways else you will lose my business.”

Now, how are the climate change and anti pollution protests going? Anyone?


Written by Oflife

February 14, 2017 at 10:25 pm

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