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The bad guys are winning

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Whilst watching Total Recall (1990) and observing the intrusive, annoying security arrangements and masses of dysfunctional people, I thought how awful, unatural and sham liberated such a future was, and hoped it remained a fantasy, even if some scenes were a VR simulation.

Unfortunately, step by step, our real planet is turning into one huge open prison. Here in the UK, and now thanks to the mayor of New York (or it may be Boston?), parts of the US, there are intrusive cameras everywhere. They won’t stop anyone doing anything bad, those who do bad don’t care if they are recorded – it’s a badge of honour (or they have nothing to lose anyway), else the UK’s street urchins would not beat people up in clear view of CCTV cameras.

Similarly, our once open public landmarks (it started with the US Embassy prior to 9/11 after an early overseas attack) are now surrounded by large concrete or steel bollards or barriers. And today we learn that a glass wall is to be built around the Eiffel Tower.

How far will this go?

The thing is, it doesn’t have to happen at all. Thanks to liberals, (and I understand, Mr Soros), the authorities are going against the will of the majority and continuing to force us to allow in our enemies as part of a huge social engineering project that no one voted for.

Fight back club: Write to your MP? Organise a huge counter protest?


Written by Oflife

February 9, 2017 at 8:03 pm

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