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A meme often associated with the forthcoming robot/AI apocalypse, but in this case, it refers to something I have been saying for years now to colleagues, in comments online and within this blog: That the most serious threat to social stability will be when basic essential foods (that does not refer to an overpriced ciabatta or flapjack in a coffee shop) cost more than a person or family earns and/or there are shortages of produce that are required for consumption fairly often for our good health.

Well it is happening.

The number one cause of this is climate change. The atmosphere is saturated, hence your car is all misted up inside every morning (and wasn’t in the 70s), it is raining a lot everywhere and the temperature is unstable. (-6 or 7 a few weeks ago, up to 12 the other night!)

Nature has evolved to cope with gradual changes, (slow reduction in volcanic emissions over the millennia for example), not the sudden impact of human activity.

Fish stocks are also being effected by algae blooms and our general population growth. If this all continues as quickly as it is, all other threats (that effect and kill very few people on the grand scale of things) will fade into obscurity.

Fight back club: Invest in solar, I am! Just purchased a regulator and we are researching large panels, leisure batteries and inverters, to get the house and office off the grid, bit by bit. Even if it’s too late, at least we’ll be able to listen to some CDs when Spotify stops working when the Internet shuts down. 😉

President T wants to revert back to the dirty energy of the past. Our job is to make such sources obsolete, so there is no market for them, the ONLY way to do this is for YOU to control where your energy is generated. It is no good buying an electric car if it is charged using coal generated electricity! That is just shoving the issue under the carpet.



Written by Oflife

February 3, 2017 at 2:42 pm

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