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Sorry, just a little puzzled, where were the snowflakes who are protesting at the travel policy introduced stateside the other day that has been introduced in the past by President Bill Clinton (without fanfare) and designed by the Obama administration when…

  1. 3000 people were murdered on September 11, 2001
  2. 30 or so Brits were slaughtered on a beach in Tunisia (lack of ongoing coverage of this is inexplicable, despite over 20 years of hype when one person is shot or stabbed in a crime in an inner city where the person is probably involved in crime themselves)
  3. Hundreds of innocent French were murdered over the last few years
  4. Hundreds were killed in various other random locations around Europe, the US and Asia

Anyway, if anyone would care to drop me a line to provide some enlightenment, that would be much appreciated! Ideally, just post a comment below.

On the upside, in the UK anyway, 1 million protested at this sensible if poorly implemented filtration system, but there are approximately 63,000,000 here, so as usual with these matters, it is the silent clued up majority that really counts, and that dear reader is why Brexit happened and Trump is in the White House.

We are at war and the total lack of understanding or patience by the usual suspects is a disgrace. I wonder what would have happened to them if they tried this during WW2 and prevented the authorities from protecting their very souls!

Just as a footnote, I am no fan of Western policy in the Middle East, in particular our eternal oil wars and accidentally offending other cultures by our very presence. I wrote about this in 1992 in my short story predicting a nuclear terrorist attack on New York City – but us civilians have nothing to do with it, did not vote for it, in particular those of us who avoid using petroleum based products (I just ordered my first large solar panel to continue our move to an off grid life/work style), but if we were not purchasing oil from those regions, they would not be as wealthy as they are, and should be grateful for our custom, even if the output of their product is polluting and contributes to climate change.

Geopolitics is complex, so much so, it takes brevity to learn how the whole sorry affair works, because it teaches one truth: We live in a nasty world, and our lifestyles exist because politicians do things ‘on our behalf’ (not Trump, he hates all our meddling, as he made clear before and after the election), so sometimes, I wonder why I even write blog posts like this, because it’s beyond us ‘ants to do anything about. But the reality is, most of the terror and nasty that goes on in the world is all about envy. Intellectuals, football stars, musicians, web designers and more don’t commit crime because they enjoy their lives and gain pleasure in entertaining others and seeing others happy.

Certain cultures and groups dislike ‘fun’ (music, pets etc) and need to chill and stop blaming everyone else for their self induced woes. And those who defend them should focus on climate change and other worldly issues that are occurring in parallel.



Written by Oflife

January 30, 2017 at 10:18 pm

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