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Sometimes there is a datum that allows one to test a theory.

Before I went to see the movie Passengers today, I knew full well that I would enjoy it, despite not having seen any trailers.


S P O I L E R  A L E R T

  1. The negative reviews I had read projected the usual unethical, disjointed dishonest man bashing feminism that is destroying Western society at breakneck speed. So, whenever this sort of thing happens, no matter how superb the production design, music, acting and visual effects, the movie was destined to be panned.
  2. A friend who shares my taste in movies liked it too! 🙂

And I did indeed. It was wonderful, emotional and beautifully made, with excuisit attention to detail and imagination.

As per this review that I randomly came across whilst Googling the movie after seeing it, the male character was NOT some nasty exploitative rapist, he was a real man, you know the opposite of the useless woe is me snowflakes who are seeping into the narrative these days. He cared, too, spending a year considering his actions!

Oh, and one more thing, if she had NOT been woken up, Pratt’s character would not have been able to save the ship on his own, and they would all have died anyway. So there.

Hollywood and the left wing media are do disgusting in their hypocrisy, it is incredible! They embrace a career first selfish lifestyle that leads to quick divorce and messed up children and are trying to destroy what it is to be a human being by projecting values into the minds of youth that are out of sync with the natural intuitive order of things.

It is such a relief that for all his flaws, America just voted in a President who doesn’t take poop and will slap the shoulder chipped SJWs back into place.

Fight back club: Grow some.


Written by Oflife

January 26, 2017 at 7:57 pm

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