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Out of the blue the media is discussing research re the carcinogenic effects of heated carbs.

Why is it that every so often, we are told again what we already know as if it is something new?

I was taught at school in the 1970s that consuming burned toast caused cancer, due to the carbon particulates effect on cells. Obvious really, considering that smoking has the same effect.

A few years ago, there was a report out of Sweden or other Scandinavian nation that baked carbs (crisps, chips, corn chips etc) were carcinogenic.

What gets me beyond this recycled information issue is that people are complaining about a nanny state. Well, I am grateful to be informed of something that is harmful, so welcome it, so don’t see what the problem is in general?

What has puzzled me over my lifetime is how badly educated most people seem to be. Why are so few aware of the scientific facts that allow us to know about such issues without any reminders though reports such as this? Was I the only one paying attention in class?

This dovetails into the comment I made at the end of my previous VA post that in a nutshell says ‘Knowledge is Power’.

Fight back club: Study science and math, best way to know how your body and other things work!


Written by Oflife

January 23, 2017 at 11:21 am

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