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As society progresses, from factory robots that replace once dangerous or monotonous jobs to state provided infrastructure, so we as individuals can aspire to better things and therefore, an improved QOL.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs comes to mind. If we’re worrying about or dealing with the ‘small stuff’ (‘finding water to drink’), we don’t have time to dwell on matters that others may take for granted, such as eating solid food or watching a movie on Netflix.

The concept behind the NHS was fair and good, and has probably saved the lives of millions of people over the last 50 years or so, something I can testify to first hand.

However, like most things that are ‘given’ to us, if one becomes reliant on or takes for granted a service or item provided at no direct cost, this can backfire and lead to where we are today, with reports that the NHS is in crisis. (Whether this is true or not or just politics, I do not know.) Assuming the NHS is in meltdown, can we stop blaming the wrong causes, namely lack of funding! How much do you want?

The causes are as follows:

Increased population – Just as our roads are now choca 24/7, so if there are more of us in any specific area, then no matter all other issues, the system will become overloaded. We cannot simply keep building more surgeries or hospitals else we’ll concrete over the whole country, increase air pollution and make things even worse! I could swing to the right and claim that immigrants are exploiting the NHS, but being they are on the whole healthier due to lack of dietary issues covered in my next point, I doubt they need to use it much, but I don’t know the stats, so rather not say.

People who are not paying or did not pay taxes earlier in their lives being given anything by the state, unless under exceptional circumstances, does bother some of us because it leaves the more deserving without support.

Obesity – Let’s be truthful shall we? The fairly healthy elderly who are according to our Prime Minister costing the nation a fortune in state handouts are that way because they grew up during a period when food was more scarce, less processed and you walked to where you bought it from, you didn’t hop in a people carrier and head to Sainsburys.

So they are more healthy and are living longer, so requiring help. (I do agree that state help should be means tested. Seems unfair to provide handouts to those who don’t need it. Many probably don’t want it anyway for pride and ethical reasons!)
‘War children’ really did eat ‘meat and potatoes’ meals. (Stew n veg, liver and onion, soup, home made sandwiches etc.) Today, a whole ‘underclass’ of society spend every Saturday in McDonald’s  (go visit if you don’t believe me) stuffing selves and pale prematurely bespectacled children with junk food, whilst browsing their Facebook news feed on an iPhone rather than an affordable Android handset. Whilst such self destructive and immensely selfish behaviour is a ‘right’ in our democracy, the cost to the state of this is massive! Type 1 diabetics costs over £500 a week per person to support. Hip operations must cost someone a lot too. Then there is the effect on general health, colds and other lesser illnesses that people now take to their doctors’ overloading surgeries or even hospitals.

Imagine how things would be if tomorrow, due to some massive national or global emergency (war, asteroid impact, epidemic etc), anyone other than the very old or babies were forbidden from seeing a doctor or going to hospital. Within weeks you can bet they would spend Saturday morning walking their kids around the nearest farmer’s market (good fun as well as healthy!) than sitting down consuming edible tat, assuming source of such tat was even open during an apocalypse.

Fight flab club – Live responsibly and don’t let big pharma win – they love an unhealthy population addicted to insulin and pills.


Written by Oflife

January 8, 2017 at 2:14 pm

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