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I saw a headline on the already terrible Independent Newspaper regarding the attack on a disabled person in the USA by yet more of our social media addicted fly lords, (that in itself a separate subject), but was greeted instead with another unsolicited auto playing video commercial whose audio was an unwarranted disturbance. However, unlike video commercials until now, this one would NOT pause! It had a PAUSE icon, but clicking it didn’t do anything at all.

Worse still, the commercial was from one of the world’s worst corporations, Nestle, and features stereotypical African women and was no doubt about to promote some BS to make us think they are a caring company.

But what really is sickening is that we have to sit through a noisy commercial before an article about yet another criminal attack on an innocent person.

We really have reach full dystopia, where large companies profit from crime, even indirectly.

Fight back club: Don’t read The Independent, and don’t buy anything from Nestle or any company they own. They have already decimated Cadbury.


Written by Oflife

January 5, 2017 at 12:12 pm

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