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I temporarily disabled my blog because there were reports that the German police got the wrong man, and I am keen on 100% accuracy here. However, although the reports were true, the person who did carry out the act was of a similar profile to the wrong man anyway, so this blog post remains appropriate.

Whilst sitting eating a home made English Breakfast this morning, I sat in stunned disbelief as the increasingly immoral BBC Radio 4 interviewed some obviously very left wing German commentator or politician about the horrific slaughter of 12 people in Berlin last night. Not to mention the 50 or so who have no doubt received life changing injuries.

The first issue is, why did the BBC interview, yet again, someone from that side of the spectrum, and secondly, why was the interviewee in total denial of reality?

I don’t know if the German people are alas being brainwashed by the same lies and distortions of reality that the UK youth seem to be receiving, but I have news for you based on my years on this planet, and there are plenty of other far wiser and experienced people who will echo this: Evil that is ingrained into someone or a group cannot be extracted or denied. We are at war, this is not a hug fest on Cornmarket Street in Oxford.

On Sunday I learned to my disgust (and this bought a tear to my eye) that a lovely University grad colleague with exemplary skills that could benefit the UK economy has been deported from the UK due to some minor issue with his visa. First of all, yes, if you are intentionally breaking the law, you have to suffer the consequences. But this person was not full of hate, had high cognitive abilities and was a force for good in society.

Yet, so we can keep our oil supplies fluid, we keep allowing more nasties into our lands, whilst kicking out the decent. Meanwhile the liberal media continue to try to say nice things about the nasties because they don’t have the strength and intelligence to speak the truth and/or are brainwashed by our enemies on our toxic University Campuses.

Back to my main point: Just because you are nice, and/or mean well, does not mean a) Everyone else is the same way. b) You are right.

Oh, one more thing, for all his or his nation’s flaws, Putin gets it.

Fight back club: Choose who you allow into your house. And try to use oil and other carbon fuel free products. Hard, but if we all do the best we can, it will make a difference! Am about to order some 100 watt solar panels and regulators. Walking the walk!


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December 20, 2016 at 12:19 pm

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