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Glasgow bin lorry crash prosecution ruled out – BBC News

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Posted the above from my phone the instant it popped up because I have been following this story since the day it happened. Knowing just how corrupt and un-democratic UK councils are, I knew this would be the outcome. They are so nasty and self serving, it is both a disgrace to the public and also very worrying for our freedom.

Just today, our councils have announced a crack down on fly tipping. But I wonder why the fly tipping is occurring in the first place hmm? Let’s see now:

  1. Introducing complex consumer waste disposal policies, that are different in every single post code, confusing people.
  2. More importantly, despite flooding the country with dystopian CCTV monitored paid for parking spaces for a nice little earner (as covered in other sections of this blog), our councils have reduced the number of days public recycling and rubbish tips are open. And of course, the opening days differ depending on the location. So as per item 1, people get confused and can only visit on days that may be inconvenient for them. Effectively, this is, like so many council initiatives, tantamount to entrapment.

Is it no wonder people have given up? Council members here in the UK live in their own little world, that shows NO concern for us. Contempt is the right word.

Update: December 15 2016 – Well what a surprise!


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December 9, 2016 at 4:09 pm

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