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Beware the jobsworth apocalypse

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And people wonder why Trump won in the US and we voted Brexit here!

Although I used to maintain the dedicated Towards Dystopia page on this blog, (no time – things so see, people to do!), along with other sensible people (I hope), I cannot believe how quickly this country is turning into a police state devoid of reason or common sense. And woe anyone who attempts to say otherwise or challenge the status quo. That is the power of a bitter josbworths who are alas making their way further up the chain of command, from council leaders to head teachers and the police. All once honourable professions.

Exhibit A – Note reference to ‘speeding along’ 37MPH? Really? And how were they supposed to remember who was driving? In the past, a polite but concerned policeman would pull over a driver, and make a common sense judgement on the road conditions, the state of the driver (young, drunk, not paying attention etc – VS – professional new to the area and made an innocent error), today, it’s all automated, and even if you are INNOCENT or wish to challenge the fine, you face a massively time consuming and stressful battle.

Exhibit B – This is probably one of the most worrying examples of toxic politically correctness to creep into our educational system, and further part of the replacing of natural tactile activities (in this case, raising one’s hand in class) by other means to further appease the precious snowflakes. Hope the headmaster is fired or the parents pull their children from the school immediately if they can find another in their catchment area. Hope the social engineers behind this madness realise how weak, spoiled and useless the product of their self serving deeds will be?

Exhibit C – The mass archiving of web pages and other private data associated with your life. All to protect us from the bad guys. Really? Can we define what is worse, a huge breach of individual privacy by even the Food Standards Agency, or occasional threat of terrorism? If the authorities wish to track a suspect, fine, monitor, spy on and more that person or persons, but not the lot of us! Thank you. Why not stop the sorts of people who become criminals from coming into the country in the first place? At least the Australians show some testicular fortitude and impose standards at their borders. My concerns about CCTV and comprehensive surveillance since day one has been:

a) Misuse and breach of privacy for profit by our news media.
b) Misuse of data by corrupt government or other officials.
c) Monitoring of (for example) fracking protesters and other good people.
d) Use of it all to repress people if the technology falls into the wrong hands. (Unlikely, but it could happen.)

Exhibit D – (No link yet) Councils have turned every bit of land into a car park, where dystopian parking machines render the most dignified professional adult to tears whilst CCTV cameras monitored by evil corporations such as ParkingEye watch your every move. Oh, and don’t have the correct change? Well you’ll have to signup for their app (and pay a fee that is MORE than the sign says in it’s disclaimer) and guess what? They will know where you have parked, then, now and forever. ParkingEye, you ARE evil! Now f*ck off.

Exhibit E – How could I forget? Yesterday morning, and again today, the main interview subjects on the BBC’s Radio 5 Live were some clearly not very bright oh woe is me vegi wimen protesting that the new plasticy £5 note contains (I forget the term) a biproduct of beef. Holy cow batman! We’re all going to fry! 0.1 of the population, including a Hindu, an Irishman and a Jew walked into a bar / (scratch that), were upset that our national currency was ‘polluted’ with animal product. Oh no! Meanwhile, climate change is wrecking havoc across the world (fires in Israel, Tennesee and elsewhere), kids are dying in Syria (& Yemen – had to slip that in), a tragic air crash has wiped out most of a beloved Brazlilian football team, the polar ice caps are melting, everything else is in melt down too, and all they care about is a personal sensitivity to the ‘ingredients’ in the makeup of our currency!

FFS people: a) Natural incredients are better for the environment. b) The plastic that makes up the note is way more harmful than the beef biproduct, that by it’s nature will be biodegradable, and c) You are not expected to EAT your hard earned money, unless the jobsworth apocalypse renders your local supermarket shelves empty…

Update: Dec 2 2016 – Inventor of plastic note talks sense, phew!

Fight back club: Protest? Emigrate to more dignified lands? Am running out of ideas.


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December 1, 2016 at 2:39 pm

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