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One of the frustrating things about the West is that it’s pretty much controlled by large corporations or organisations with ‘interests’ to defend. Therefore, it cannot stand firm on principles that are grounded in verifiable scientific fact, it tends to go wobbly.

Today, the WHO (World Health Organisation) told us what we have known for years that processed (and cooked) meat is a major cause of cancer. However, watching the talking heads on the tellybox today, most are telling pork(ies) to defend special interests. ‘Hmm, it’s not conclusive.” “I eat sausages every day.” “Easy now!” and so on. The bottom line is that multicellular organisms, of which we and African Tigers are a prime example, get cancer when the body is unable to deal with a foreign entity it has not evolved to process. This is simple common sense. So, if food factories use nitrates and other nasties to preserve or we over cook meat, and we consume it, our bodies will react accordingly leading to cell mutation. (You can do your research on this elsewhere.)

When you deal with an alcoholic, the rules are simple. ALL OR NOTHING! No compromise! Either continue drinking yourself (and others) to an early grave, or stop altogether. “Barman? Mine’s a soda water, neat!”

Likewise, the authorities should stop letting industry influence their communications on this matter and state outright that preserved and overcooked meat is carcinogenic and here are accurate guidelines obtained from X(X) years of research by, and include a list of organisations/Universities. Further, such foods should be banned from children altogether because they are too young to make an informed choice.

We are the first and second generation of humans bought up on such an unhealthy diet. From WW2 and back, people world-wide ate ‘off the land’, meat and veg, no horrible plastics (and other byproducts of oil), no sedentary lifestyle – and so on. Anyway, this is a matter for a forthcoming overdue blog entry related to this one, entitled ‘The Big C’. It will discuss how the amount of money being spent on trying to ‘cure’ cancer and all the associated charitable efforts is a huge waste of time, and we’ll be better off avoiding lifestyles that cause it. I have lost a number of relatively young family members to cancer and entirely blame contemporary lifestyles and diesel pollution for this, so it’s deeply personal.

Fight back club: Ignore special interests, live your life based on science, because it’s the only truth.


Written by Oflife

October 26, 2015 at 12:46 pm

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