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Ah ha, so people are up in arms about the government’s changes to tax credits. Conceptually, in view of the sort of people they effect (working people who are trying their best), perhaps rightly so, am not sure, as I don’t quite know what they are. However, and please, correct me if I am wrong, every single person the media has interviewed (inc the lady on Panorama) has been a woman – and more importantly, a ‘single mother’. Often a recipe for disaster, despite all the Hollywood propaganda that would have you think otherwise.

It’s interesting to note that all those families I know of out in reality land, not TV, movies or self serving idealism, where there is a man in the family, out earning his keep, yes, there is struggle, there are problems, there are disputes – but there is a modicum of stability and a lot less blaming someone else for any ills.

Yet women are moaning about tax credits! What hypocrisy! Feminists and some on the left have been bashing men and the concept of the family unit for the last however long, and now it’s come home to roost – as some of us foresaw when all these harmful ideologies began to become mainstream.

Do the math, if a man is bringing in the dough, mum can look after the kids (and do some work too if practical) – and things work out much nicer. It’s called teamwork, and it works.

Fight back club: Reject Hollywood propaganda


Written by Oflife

October 20, 2015 at 10:20 pm

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