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I have to stop work to state that if this is what the BBC truly believe, then our future is NOT looking good. If people today are so clueless (am going to say it, thickl!) to not realise how this programming is all about schadenfreude and has no moral, artistic, cultural or other benefit, then it is no wonder that as the climate and pollution spiral out of control people no longer protest like they did in the 60s. The public reaction to the (justified but way too lenient) 5p plastic bag charge in the UK is evidence of how disconnected and selfish some are today. And it’s all down to insipid television programming. Bread and circuses indeed!

Fight back club: Terraform Mars and send the TV producers there and let us have our smart pretty planet back. And can we put scientists and engineers in charge of our nations and planet?


Written by Oflife

October 9, 2015 at 9:50 am

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