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Back To The Past

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Allegedly the UK economy is booming (although blueberries are twice the price they were a few months ago, despite a pleasant summer), but we’ll leave that one for now!

Lots of money to spend. Billions in fact. A great opportunity for Britain to lead the world again!

And it is!


  • Building or enlarging more polluting motorways
  • A new noisy soul destroying if you live nearby runaway at Heathrow
  • Oil wars to fuel the aforementioned
  • Fracking – with extra shakin

But not in…

  • Extra railway carriages and reduced rail fares to get people off said roads
  • Hydroelectric energy generation in the Severn estuary
  • Solar energy
  • Capacitive batteries to store & distribute said energy

So, it’s back to the dirty smelly noisy 70s. (It wasn’t very nice, believe me.)

Good stuff lads! It’s great what imagination, integrity and vision can do for the world!

Fight back(wards) club: Don’t spend money on carbon fuels. No market, no racket. Simples!


Written by Oflife

November 11, 2014 at 10:49 am

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