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Within a year of arriving in the USA and taking an interest in writing a screen play, most of the others I met with interests in ideas for movies came up with plots that centred on guns – and drugs. And gangs. And so on. There would be a shoot out of some sort, just as there is on just about every American TV cop show. So, why is it that a harmless extremely funny cartoon that most of my generation were bought up on and loved is being censored by Amazon? Let’s look at the details shall we:

  1. Smoking characters – So what? What about characters that shoot? Or drop bombs? If our increasingly dystopian society (read: liberal control of everything through misdirected hypocritical righteousness) is to censor one concept, than why not go the whole mouse hog and ban any production involving the use of weapons?
  2. Large female black character – So what? There are plenty of large female (and male) white characters throughout entertainment, as well as skinny bestpectacled geeks who talk affeminately as if they drank out of plastic water bottles containing BPA during youth. Not to mention various other stereotypes.

NO ONE I know who was bought up on such funny and harmless programming is a smoker, racist or projects any other personal characteristic that would be deamed as being influenced by such programming. This is is yet another example of jobsworths (losers who have a chip on their shoulder) projecting their desire for an unjustified something: From attention to control to compensation to public self pity to press coverage (related) through the destruction of common sense, satire, wit and personal responsibility. A sense of entitlement through sham victimhood.

Fight back club: Keep that DVD collection of unedited Tom & Jerry cartoons locked away In the meantime, enjoy this priceless genius from The Two Ronnies that extracts the wee and yet offends no one, because some know how to take a joke. And here’s my own satire penned in 2000 AD. And another that should have the feminists up in arms.. 😉


Written by Oflife

October 1, 2014 at 5:12 pm

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