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See this and then that. (Sorry, both paid links.) One refers to the ‘problems’ associated with ‘too much’ solar energy overloading the grid (#excuses), the other, that the government is to arrange power blackouts in the UK to save energy. You could not make it up!

Read on…

The once cash rich energy industry has had years to invest in low maintenance, clean, sustainable energy. They have not. Why not? Because resources like shale gas (obtained through as yet unproven fracking) will make those who invest in it a fortune very quickly. So they have resorted to the oldest trick in the book, fear, to persuade (frighten?) the British public to back shale gas. No matter that with cancer effecting more and more people today already and concerns about access to clean drinking water by farmers, the energy companies (read, The Government and their paid off ministers) are more than happy to choose a path whose consequences will include both using huge quantities of potential drinking water and pollution of the ground water in the locality, rather than more ethical, viable and clean alternatives.

Here we are in 2013 (‘the future’) and we have crusty greedy visionless people running our lives in such a manner that make the clean, almost utopian (without the dystopian!) future we were promised and worked hard at engineering college to bring about far off, or even, simply doomed. It is almost as if our leaders want to keep us (who is ‘us’ is another debate!) repressed and with as little hope and freedom as possible. Reminds me of the 70s, but what makes it worse, is that today, as recent events have proven, we’re all being monitored 24/7 (both ‘on the street’ and online), so trying to protest against such policy will lead to the authorities arresting people before they even get marching. Freedom? Puh! (At least abroad they still have the freedom and passion to revolt.)

A degree in economics is not required to know that energy is what effects the price of all else, from food to clothing to building materials, not to mention your actual electricity bill. Yet the government is holding us hostage by forcing us to accept quick and dirty solutions, rather than take a more long term approach that will neither pollute or require expensive exploration.

Fight frack club: Just as you may choose not to buy your clothing from sweat shops or your bananas from a dictatorship, so, find out where your energy is sourced from, and if it isn’t clean, shop elsewhere. I’m doing my part by researching (and possibly developing) practical clean energy solutions, such as storing solar generated energy close to where it is needed, for on demand access, no grid or over fed politician required.


Written by Oflife

June 28, 2013 at 12:40 pm

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