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Since starting this blog, and the evidence will show, I have never used or referenced external blogs, articles or other to source opinion or content. I was taught to “Find out for myself”. Either way, I have always taken an interest in exploration and research, or in this case, investigation – sometimes intentional, other times, by accidental discovery, as is the case today.

That said, when it comes to my core observation that Britain (and perhaps the rest of the civilised world) is slowly degrading itself in such a manner that it’s losing it’s dignity, sense of purpose, confidence and therefore, honor, I have been wondering: Is this simply because too few care or have the time to oppose it (after all, most of us have enough day to day problems to deal with than to rise up/write a letter/blog) – or is it all part of something intentional?

I learned yesterday, it may well be the latter.

The barrier to credibility within the non technical aspects of Vision Aforethought is my lack of a political education. I only took an interest in all this after being victim of or observing unacceptable behaviour by the state’s ‘workers’, or jobsworths as we call them here in middle England. Further, I also could not help watch in horror as our television and society dumbed down exceptionally quickly, with all that goes with that. However, in the last few months, I have begun to learn about specific political concepts that are intentionally used to re-engineer society, often to the benefit of just a few.

Whilst reading the comments on a newspaper website yesterday (yes, I’ve forgotten which one already), I came across this post by a blogger I’m assuming is based in the USA. What he discusses is fascinating, if not worrying, although those of you with a political education may already know of it. Draw your own conclusions, but it checks all the boxes when it comes to what’s going on today.

No wonder the British PM is on holiday, he has pressed the big red button, and is letting the virus ridden autopilot fly us to wherever

Flight back club: Explore and you will eventually find.


Written by Oflife

May 27, 2013 at 8:48 am

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