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How about ceasing paying benefits (a concept I was not even aware of until the press coverage recently) and instead, give those who desire to go to college or University a free education, just like it used to be. Through my work I am meeting enthusiastic young people who are unable go to college or University because they cannot afford it and/or do not want to be saddled with debt – an honorable sensible attitude that no one should attempt to alter. Most of these people intensely detest social media, reality TV and the general dumbing down of our nation, and are upset and scared that they have no career path. I don’t blame them!

From walking around our city centres, Britain appears to have created a huge underclass (not to be confused with the honorable working class!) who rather than contribute to society and our economy, suck from it, and therefore, have (in part) bankrupted the nation causing immense harm to those decent people who want to be all they can be.

Which begs the question, who created this mess, and why? (That question is a tease because this blog has been warning that dumbed down media & education, health & safety legislation, no win no fee lawyers and dystopian social engineering would lead to this mess which takes all that is worst about trash American culture and condenses it into a small overpopulated island with the result our town centres are an embarrassment. Compare to the recently discovered colour footage of London from the 1920s.)

The solution is several fold:

  1. Compulsory national service (I did the equivalent when young: Was in the scouts and attended various out door activity centres where we were made to do some fairly tough activities, including: Sleeping outdoors with no tent, climbing tall brick walls, crawling through muddy ditches in the rain, etc etc.)
  2. As initially suggested, with the exception of the elderly and real disabled (not frauds), simply switch off the benefits system and force people to work and/or club together as family units to help each other so they can gain some dignity. Elephants do it, so can humans, and we have opposable thumbs to our advantage!
  3. Repeal the dystopian health & safety laws that are ironically ruining children’s health and giving people excuses to be sham victims.
  4. This one is controversial because it may seem fascist and undemocratic, but how about banning children from using social media, watching reality TV and consuming junk food? We ban smoking so why can’t we ban those other toxic concepts? (My bro and I were banned from TV and junk food as children and are very grateful.) And if we’re prosecuting older men who have abused the young in the past, why can’t we prosecute the creators of anything that is harmful to young people and adults alike, junk food and reality/celebrity TV included? If these people are too poorly educated to know what is good for them, then selling or giving them such rubbish should be illegal, no? What am I missing here?
  5. Invest the money saved to provide a good education that gives people the knowledge and skills to earn a living and educate family with dignity.

It gets worse! I was just reading an article about how the underclass is wrecking the lives of young people who are born into a hellish no chance lifestyle, when up pops a 30 second video commercial for a television ‘program’ entitled ‘Honey Boo Boo’, to be shown on TLC.

And what does TLC stand for? The LEARNING Channel! Sure about that?

Fight back club: As above.


Written by Oflife

May 18, 2013 at 2:12 pm

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