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One of the reason’s I’m bullish on what I refer to as ‘reality optimisation’ is because it takes crusty old concepts that are poor value, unprogressive and greedy, grabs them by the ankle and smacks them on the behind. We have AIRBNB, who offer an alternative to pricey hotels, whilst filling in your unused spaces, as opposed to most online services that are purely virtual. Then there is UBER who turn any qualified driver into your own efficient on demand ‘taxi’ service. No wonder the taxi companies and some cities tried to ban them, unsuccessfully thankfully! (My experience of taxis in all nations has been unpleasant: In USA, a passing taxi driver saw me park accidentally in a poorly marked bay and called the police who took my car away, and same taxi driver then arrived back on the scene to take me to the car pound. In London, on the day of the tube bombs, my drive who I had just given £30 robbed me of my smart phone. There are those who intentionally slow down in advance of GREEN lights such by the time they arrive at the lights, they have turned the same colour as your face, red.. Let’s not talk about the taxis in Italy or Egypt, it’s way too terrifying!)

But what Google are doing is going to bring about the greatest change. Their driverless vehicle technology, that to date has never failed, the mind boggles at it’s potential. For starters, unless you don’t trust it or find automated transport creepy, it renders the taxi and even other reality optimisation services obsolete too: You’re out on the town, a little tipsy, fire up your smart phone and use the voice control* to hail your own self-driving ride or automated UBER car.

Those who dislike driving or are unable to drive can do the same, in particular the elderly who when suffering ‘moments’ may cause an accident, whilst an automated vehicle is unlikely to err. If a software bug or mechanical failure occurs backup systems will probably take over or the vehicle will be programmed to stop or pull over unti the problem is remotely diagnosed and fixed, or the repair droid arrives.

Fight back club: Reject the old way!

*That will hopefully know it’s still you, even you are slurring your speech…


Written by Oflife

May 1, 2013 at 9:35 am

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