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Yesterday I took time out to ‘attend’ Lady Thatcher’s funeral. When I say, attend, I mean mingle with the crowd and pay my respects to a woman who finally, people are realising was misunderstood. This for reasons that explain a lot about what causes conflict in the first place – too little information or poor communication.

The whole day was fantastic, starting with a train journey that I had planned to spend working on my laptop. I was sitting opposite two nice and interesting people, one from Vodafone and the other Microsoft, (with my Apple and Android machinery copiously spread over the table!), so the whole journey was spent discussing all manner of things Apple Microsoft Google, with me making the case that solutions are what people want, not just sparkle.

Headed to St. Paul’s and after using the articulating display on my camera to watch the arrival of the coffin (that other shorter people behind me found invaluable too!) and do some people watching, went to mingle and people watch outside the front of the cathedral – just as I did last year or so at the (equally dignified) Occupy (London) protest. Surprisingly there were very few protestors and only one person with a megaphone who had strategically positioned himself near the BBC outside broadcast unit to ensure his message (that we are all sheep) was heard. He did have a point – more on that another day!


© 2013 Taikitso

As the news media have already mentioned, a huge majority of people (probably 1000:1) were pro Thatcher and very dignified. I think they embarrassed and surprised the ‘opposition’ whose arguments just didn’t wash in today’s modern, clean, fairly democratic social entrepreneur world free of union thugs unreliable cars and frequent power cuts. What was uplifting was the healthy debates going on amongst groups of 3 or 4 people, some of which I recorded in full HD and will be posting on my YouTube channel, having already received permission from the participants. There was no violence at all (just a few tempers slightly frayed, but soon tempered by the crowd) and the sunshine made it all the merrier, if that is the correct term! The intellectual debate and respect shown by most renewed my own faith in society and the future.

Mrs T would have approved.

If only those protesting or feeling aggravated would turn their attention to matters of the day: Sustainable clean energy (and fight fracking), thuggish wardens, national infrastructure – then their lot will get better, employment included.

Incidentally, this was a photographer’s heaven and there were a lot of them, from all over the world. Most pros with their huge heavy DSLRs and me with my equally capable more agile Sony NEX. Yes, that is a Canon AL-1 35mm film camera in the lady’s hand (above)! Her digital had run out of memory. #backup


Quiz: What is this? Taken after the event whilst walking from St. Pauls to Charring Cross Station
© 2013 Taikitso


Written by Oflife

April 18, 2013 at 12:16 pm

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