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Idealog: News By Importance

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For over 15 years, been keen to suggest to another entrepreneur or have my company develop a service that displayed the news in such a way that each story was ordered and scored by importance. With few exceptions, the media tend to headline based on the immediacy, voyeuristic or short term ‘shock and awe’ value of a story, rather than it’s long term threats to a significant portion of the population and/or social stability. So, whilst in full on creative/achievement mode both on a personal and professional level, here’s a sample mockup feed based on the news TODAY only:

A few name ideas

  1. PNN – Priority News Network
  2. NBP  – News by Priority
  3. NBI – News by Importance
  4. NBT – News by Threat
  5. Etc! Any ideas?

Mockup example news feed

As of Friday 12 April 2013 – 23:21 GMT only

  1. Deaths by Bird Flu in China (NBC News)
    • 5/90 – Seriousness based on the Spanish Flu outbreak over 80 years ago. Positive contribution, population reduction = more parking spaces down town. (Humor.) If this was a real feed, NBI would need to seek multiple sources of educated opinion as to whether the threat was genuine rather than scare mongering. Slow incubating viruses are the most dangerous.

#birdflu #virus #h7n9 #h5n1 #flu #medicine #contagious #outbreak #apocalypse

  • Funeral of Lady Thatcher (BBC)
    • 50/60 – Could re-ignite class based civil unrest, initially in the UK, then abroad. Benefit, provides release to some, posthumous positive role model for others.

#politics #society #margaretthatcher

  • North Korea may launch missile to avoid losing face (BBC)
    • 30/40  Little danger unless of an accident and the missile hits a built up area triggering a conflict. Benefit, may force the world/USA to resolve the North Korea issue once and for all, to the benefit of all sides.

#politics #war #northkorea #nuclearweapons

  • Bionic hands (CNN)
    • 75/5 – A positive development that could improve the quality of life for those who have lost the use of one or more limbs or appendages. Only threat, misuse as a weapon – strangulation etc in the event of stronger than nature technology.

#medicine #medical #technology #robotics #cyber

  • Celebs engage in activities (Daily Mail)
    • 1/100 – Positives, increase sales of the same newspaper that focuses on some issues close to this blogger’s heart. (Not kidding!) Negatives, provides ongoing reasons for women to gossip, embarasses the people mentioned, further reduces the intellectual capacity of those addicted to such stories such that they fail to grasp the importance of those higher up the NBI feed.

#society #celebrities #schadenfreude #voyeurism

Of course, if there is an Earthquake or other disaster, this would immediately appear at the top along with any government advice/contact numbers etc, something that occurs in the regular news media anyway, so on that count, there is little need for change. Further, in a real feed, those tags below each story would act as hyperlinked filters.

Sorry! WordPress is breaking my html, each story is supposed to be numbered, from 1 to X, where X is the number of stories. The last </ol> tag keeps vanishing! Why? So annoying! #halp #html #wordpress


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