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Lady Thatcher

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RIP. Sadly, due to some appalling misinformation put out by the toxic left over the last decade or so, this remarkable woman’s achievements have been swept under the carpet, and the few issues that did tarnish her reputation (taking away school milk, poll tax) were not as they appeared – something I only discovered after doing my own research.

I have planned for a while to publish a dedicated ‘Vision Aforethought > On’ page about Mrs. Thatcher, to inform younger people why she was so important (for women’s lib as much as any ‘right wing’ values) and why she should be a hero and mentor to those out there today who wish to achieve great things in a considerate manner, as opposed to the (innocent) no hopers that now populate our city centres thanks to a generation of liberal values driving our society. Very sad that she will not get to read my page.

How many people are aware Mrs. Thatcher introduced a number of green policies, not a very popular concept back then?

Am proud to have lead the mock elections at school, where my “Jim didn’t fix it, Maggie will!” campaign saw her win our mock election prior to winning the real election. She then turned this country around from a grey, strike ridden ‘damp’ mess, to an industrious nation (I am talking the 80s here) that saw the British personal computer revolution amongst other things create a whole generation of skilled IT workers and world class businesses. She also closed down old school dirty industries (coal, unreliable engineering plants) and whilst this was unpopular at the time, it was visionary, because she saw the flaws in our country that were holding us back. If she had not done what she did then, things would be FAR worse today.

Mrs Thatcher was very trusting and well meaning. Therefore the ventures of hers that failed (IE, Delorean) were no different than a parent trusting a child with too much pocket money and reaping the consequences. This is one of the most significant problems with being in a position of leadership, you may mean well, but your underlings/trustees/backers/partners/associates/fans/HANGERS ON and/or enemies will often exploit you or pull the rug from under your feet for any number of reasons (politics/greed/ego/envy), whilst others will simply screw up – as is human nature, in turn causing the leader’s reputation to be sullied.

Pity that many in the IT/Geek community don’t appreciate Lady Thatcher or (common sense based) conservative values, but once I get my page up, (no propaganda, just the facts, Maam!), hopefully some will feel enlightened. Note that products like the superb Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro, Sinclair etc are all brainchilds of her ideology.

A very sad day, and if the BBC or other leftist publications try to discredit Lady Thatcher, they will receive hell and damnation from this blogger and no doubt others who understand her importance to this world, including the down trodden and repressed. Oh, and she was uncorrupt too, unlike so many today who have their fingers in various jars.

Right back club: Read. Write. (= Research prior to forming opinion.)

Note that most experienced entrepreneurs I know are big fans of Lady Thatcher and were inspired by her, as I was.

BTW, my politics are all over the place. Each party has pros and cons.


Written by Oflife

April 8, 2013 at 1:31 pm

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