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More for profit police state behaviour

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Beyond the ‘fine’ (more like, theft) in this situation, what is of concern is that the council people were out spying on us, the tax paying citizens of this democracy. Who is keeping an eye on YOU as you go about your hard working life? Yes, you, in your car/van/truck/lorry? Keeping an eye out for dangerous drivers is one thing, but a man in a van? What a gross invasion of privacy and freedom! It is no wonder that despite the horrific massacres of the last few years that Americans still wish to hold on to their guns. They learn from history.

For those wondering how this happens, and as I believe I have explained elsewhere, when the ‘footsoldiers’ of the state, who are often people with extremely little self esteem, get into positions of power (even at grassroots level), they impose their personal insecurities and prejudices on others, with compassion, common sense, fairness and ethics left out of the equation. This is extremely dangerous if it becomes the unchallenged norm.

Fight back club: Don’t look the other way.

I know, I should be out, it’s Saturday evening, but I feel people like this need to be given support by at the very least drawing attention to their experience. Since learning during my youth of far more troubling repression in other European nations, it has been a strong belief of mine that no one should party whilst others are persecuted, in particular if one is in the position to do something about it. It is very very upsetting and frightening to be persecuted as an individual by people working for the state when you know in your heart you’re a good person and your intentions are honorable. As I think I have mentioned many years ago on Vision Aforethought, my first ever experience of being persecuted by the ‘authorities’ was whilst taking casual photographs of fine architecture on London’s King’s Road on a lovely summer’s day – in a public space. Two jobsworths (foreign too!) approached me from either side requesting I erase my photos. Shocked and disgusted, I refused and fast walked off, bemused family member in tow. Since this happened, I never turn my eye away from a news story about people who whilst not suffering the kind of repression that goes on in dictatorships, do feel threatened by the state over matters that are quite simply irrelevant. G-d help the North Koreans, imagine what they go through. If only they had liberation oil.


Written by Oflife

February 2, 2013 at 10:51 pm

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