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Here we have an example of how more and more authorities in the repressive UK are using completely dishonest arguments and entrapment to obtain fines from an increasingly stressed, squeezed and frustrated populace. The council here state that they wish to keep the streets looking clean. I call BS.

  1. The large number of bins required for recycling means that people’s back yards are now a mess, so the council are OK with that, but not the front?
  2. The early morning or rush hour timing of the collection periods means that people will find it VERY hard to manage, and so, as per the strategically placed speed cameras designed to catch motorists with stellar driving records, this is nothing short of entrapment to fund the council members wages. We have a semi Conservative government in power, yet these repressive dishonest for profit laws are being maintained.
  3. A key issue that forms part of my whole war on this behaviour is inconsistency. Here we have a council who will implement a policy unique to their area. Therefore, those moving into or away from the area will be confused – in particular the elderly or immigrants. A national law based on common sense please.

If the councils want to use some imagination, they can try what Scandinavian countries do and encourage the installation of a trash shoot in homes that are suitable for such modifications to their structure. The shoot feeds into a single collection skip outside. Said skip is then is then emptied and sorted at a plant, rather than having the public have to faff around doing it. No unsightly bins that themselves are manufactured from harmful plastics that will need to be recycled at some point.

It seems that the authorities here are trying to make our lives as hellishly miserable as possible.

One of the reasons I bring this up is because I am currently battling the authorities over a minor driving offence (second in a lifetime of driving) and their attitude is appalling in view of the situation and proves that all they are interested is the money, and any ethics or fair application of law be damned. This really does have little to do with improving the quality of life for the public, else many other matters would be dealt with, from pot holes to investing in sustainable energy. The number of respectable people who are being treated with like criminals is incredible. This quite simply didn’t happen before, and that is why it is so concerning. Something is drastically wrong.

Re the typos in my posts, as mentioned before, WordPress is probably the most buggy web and device app every released, failing to save pages a good deal of the time, saving different versions and on iOS and Android, not syncing properly – or even deleting whole posts! Further, it WP so sluggish that words or characters are often left out when typing, so unless touch typing, one doesn’t notice until proof reading later. Sorry!


Written by Oflife

January 31, 2013 at 7:27 pm

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