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The culture of blame continues to get worse here in the UK.

  1. Here an innocent individual engaged in arranging an entertaining social event is about to have his life ruined. Smoke often drifts across roads and motorways when farmers burn their crops, and dense fog can strike at any moment. So drivers use common sense to slow down and act accordingly. Yet on this occasion, no doubt motivated by the desire to obtain financial damages, an individual is blamed who was not even driving. It is obvious where this is headed: Soon, no one will dare organise a bonfire due to the lawsuit mentality taking control of our nation. But it gets worse…
  2. Families of soldiers killed or injured during war will have the right to sue the army! So, let’s get this right, you enter a profession with the full knowledge that you may get killed, things can and will go wrong, yet your relatives will always have someone else to blame, other than the enemy, (soldier) error, accidents, or just statistics and bad luck? As per item 1, just a great excuse for a money grab. Can you imagine if every death or injury in previous wars (Falklands, WW2 etc) was subject to this madness, the military would collapse under the financial strain and the country would (as it is!) go bankrupt.
  3. Yesterday, I had to rush to a hospital where someone was in a life or death situation. Despite the traumatic nature of the occasion, on arrival, like all the other visitors, I was greeted with a barrier and ticket machine. Price to leave after a few hours visit? £5.70p. It should be noted that a few years ago I asked the authorities why they charge at this specific hospital. Their answer: To deter non visitors from parking whilst they go shopping. Really? The hospital is located on the top of a hill miles from ANY other buildings. So they lied!
  4. Related to 3, around the same time, whilst a THREE LANE speed limit was in place on a stretch of motorway near the hospital, I received a speeding fine for doing 50 in a 40 zone whilst on the way to the hospital. (Remember, this was a motorway where one could safely drive 70mph.) I asked why the speed limit? The policeman who answered the phone replied: There are workmen down the embankment and we are worried people may lose control of their vehicles, roll off the road and hit the workmen. I could not stop laughing, contested the fine and was let off. Today every excuse is used to fine regular hard working individuals fattening the bank accounts of councillors and/or the makers of machinery used to issue tickets or entrap motorists. It wasn’t like this in the past and it needn’t be like this now. So why are things getting worse?
  5. Update (23 Oct 2012) Here’s another example of council jobsworths in action – paying to walk through a car park.
  6. Oh and another one (Yes I know, it’s in the Daily Mail, but at least they report these things!) – Nov 2 2012
  7. Of course, financial motives also drive the dispensing of sometimes dangerous or addictive  drugs to patients by some doctors, but that is another discussion and already covered by other blogs and writers.

The UK has become a despicable nation that feins victimhood to sap money from everyone but self creating an complete inversion of what is right.

Hospital Parking charges

I wonder how much Local Parking Security Ltd were behind any council lobbying?
Note lovely threatening words in the lower half of the sign. Makes you sick! (Ironic.)

Fight Back Club: If you know in your heart you are in the right, refuse to pay and if need be, take legal action, not to profit personally, but ensure justice is done and at least get a refund. With regards the parking charges for hospitals (morally disgusting), I am starting by writing to the authorities responsible and then plan to take legal action as a tax payer on behalf of countless others who feel the same way as I do, but are unlikely to do anything about it. We don’t expect to be faffing around looking for change when visiting ill family or friends. We have enough on our minds already. This people is what Dystopia is all about. Automated for profit law and order, with no care for the citizen.


Written by Oflife

October 20, 2012 at 11:29 am

Posted in Dystopia, Ethics

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