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Some of us hoped that with the arrival of a more conservative leaning government, some of the highly unethical abusive and greedy actions by council jobsworths would come to an end. Judging from this, it has not.

It is one thing to tweet and blog about such matters, but to try to do something about it is another. As hinted at before, I hope to put time aside to create a non profit organisation  to support and defend the innocent victims of state spying and for profit law.

If anyone is interested in such an entity, do comment below. When appropriate, I for one will try to put some money into it. Objective: Provide moral support to and help defend the innocent victims of our for profit surveillance state where you cannot trust anyone, fear to engage in any private activity for fear it will be caught on HD CCTV and have to keep your eyes constantly peeled – in your own country!

Fight back club: Fight back and don’t let up. If you have an opinion on this and/or have also been a victim of such unwarranted behavior, do comment below.

Related, read the paragraph below the Infiltration heading in this Wikipedia entry on the Stasi.

For those new to VA, I began to blog about matters like this after experiencing or observing first hand behavior that was unheard of in the UK prior to my 10 years in the US. Most of this I will publish (if not already) in the future, but for an example of misdirected law, in July 2008, I was in Oxford city centre, the streets were full of people. Right in view of everyone, I saw a bike thief trying to locate and steal unlocked or poorly locked bicycles near to the public library. I began to video and photograph this on my phone and went towards a PCO to report the crime so he could arrest the thief or call for support. The PCO was busy issuing an on the spot (£60?) penalty charge to a very poor looking and frustrated foreign cyclist – I was in ear shot. His crime? He had inadvertently ridden his bicycle along a main shopping street in Oxford, where riding bikes is banned, although the signage is not ‘in your face’, so to speak. (I photographed the PCO issuing the ticket too.)

A sidenote: Pushing a bike through throngs of people causes your handlebars to bash into people. Try it!

Anyway, by the time the PCO had finished issuing the ticket, an appalling act on it’s own – a polite warning would have sufficed! – the thief had gone. I reported the whole matter to the police and forwarded my camera footage and photos. I do not know what happened since, but I can verify that in that city, which is one of the worst examples of reverse law, this sort of thing happens all the time, or used to anyway. I felt much sorrow for the cyclist and if I had known then what I know now I would have intervened both to stop the cycle thief and give the PCO a piece of my mind.

Cyclist PCO Oxford July 12 2008

Update (Sunday 7 Oct 2012)
Located July 2008 photo of the PCO and cyclist referred to above. Around the corner, a bike thief is in action! (Photo/video grab to follow when I get time to find it.) But being the thief won’t be good for a quick ££ for the authorities, he gets away with his crime and no doubt continues to ruin the lives of hard working people across the city. Much more on bike crime to come when time allows. And yes, beyond exposing mid-directed law and order I am doing something about it, I have designed a new type of bike rack that amongst it’s other features, will hopefully make it much harder to steal cycles. My employer will try to bring it to market once we finalise the industrial design. The police are already aware of our idea and we hope to work with them and the local council.


Written by Oflife

October 6, 2012 at 1:46 pm

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