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TechTip: iPhone 5 & LTE/4G

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Switching into work mode to alert those of you who are drawn to the shiny shiny before comprehending the inner workings of a device.

Due to the complexities of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless infrastructure, if you acquire an iPhone here in the U of K, on EE (the new speedy mashup of Orange and T-Mobile), it will NOT work on the forthcoming 4G/LTE networks offered by O2 and Vodafone, although it will work on their 2 & 3G networks. That is, unlike until now, you cannot simply swap out your SIM and switch networks if one lets you down.

This dear reader, is what happens when those great big industries and governments that govern our daily lives fail to co-operate or put the citizen ahead of their motives.

Forewarned is forearmed!

(Although to have four arms would be quite useful, then you could have one phone in each hand for each network.)

Fight back club: Read, think – fire!

Note: My employer (lead by me) is in the wireless device business, however, I am providing the above advice in the interests of informing, not to show bias or other towards another company. The issue highlighted above is not Apple’s fault. In fact, I am typing this on the world’s best notebook, the MacBook Air 13″ i7, and have a still functioning like new iPhone 1/2G to my left. My main phone is an Android because it has a slide out keyboard and works on Google’s superior cloud experience. The standout feature of all Apple’s iOS devices, from the iPhone 1 to the new iPad has always been the ultra responsive display and the way it never stutters, such as when browsing photos or the web. Something other vendors have yet to emulate – even with top end processors. That’s optimisation for you!


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September 13, 2012 at 3:21 pm

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