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Uh oh. The winner of the French elections, whilst correct to lambast the overly unethical financial institutions promised something else that is quite worrying. He will ‘invest’ millions to employ more in the public sector. You know what that means don’t you? More unskilled, aggressive self hating jobsworths who as per those here in the UK, will make life hell for those who want to live a more pro-active life. And we all know how unpleasant jobsworths from mainland Europe can be when hate and fiscal incentives are mixed together.

What would make a LOT more sense would be for one of the key pros of socialism to be adopted, namely, investment in the national infrastructure – to benefit the economy, create jobs and therefore hope and taxes that in turn can be used to pay for any ideological ventures such as renewable energy to replace ageing leaking nuclear reactors. (Yes, they leak.) France already has superb trains, but as per the UK and most other Western nations, it suffers from spotty broadband connections due to the failure of the private sector to get their act together thanks to a combination of greed (XXXXX% markup on text message fees etc) and total lack of vision. Hence, where I type this from, the Vodafone Edge connection on our mobile devices is SLOWER than dialup of 20 years ago and so totally unusable. And this is ripe across the UK, except in areas where you DON’T need a signal because you can use WiFi. Rediculous.

On several occasions, including here, this blog stated that it was vital for the West’s economy that consistent speedy wireless and fixed line broadband was made available across all areas of a nation, from city centres to the wildest countryside. A far better investment of state resources than repressive self destructive socialism which unless done right, doesn’t work. No pun intended!

Fight back club: No idea. How do you force a government to do something like this if they are too thick to get it? We do really need a nice Earthy mix of creative capitalism and socialism. Pick-n-mix?

BTW, the Germans have proven that enlightened apprenticeship based capitalism works. No austerity or riots there, and Audi & BMW are doing very well thank you.

Police St Giles Oxford May 8 2012

Bonjour Bonjour Mr. Motorist. Days after I write this post, I witness 8 or 9 Oxford police pulling over motorists, including a taxi full of passengers. I asked the most senior looking officer what was going on. He stated it was a speed awareness program to alert drivers to the 20mph speed limit throughout the city, but only those doing over 30mph were being fined. Either way, just around the corner in Jericho, drug dealers and others are ruining the area, whilst crime is rampant across the city, from laptop thefts from private homes to almost continuous bike theft just about everywhere. Anyone on Planet Earth can visit St. Giles and it is not an area where people drive too fast due to the nature of the road. The income earned by fining hard working responsible people is a great way to keep state employees in their jobs. Oh, the irony of it all! And you freedom loving citizen are paying for it and having your driving record ruined in the process (£60 + 3 points) – a punishment that does not reflect the crime. Incidentally, when I try to drive 20mph in my car in 3rd gear, the car almost stalls or jerks. If I shift down into 2nd, the engine revs so using up a lot of fuel in the process. Fine for passing a school, but not everywhere within a city! It is all so petty, wasteful and dishonest. This is for profit law and order, and it is only going to get worse. I urge those of you who do not comprehend what I am getting at should spend some time away from the UK for some enlightenment. Note that the economies of less repressive nations are doing better. People cannot earn a living and pay taxes if they are constantly dealing with and paying for matters like this.
(The problem is not the police who are following orders, it is the council.) 


Written by Oflife

May 7, 2012 at 3:11 pm

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  1. My understanding is that the Industrial powerhouse that is Germany does rather well out of the EU, to the extent that the Euro gives it a lower-valued currency than it would otherwise have, which helps its export industries enormously. And France, Italy, Spain etc are keen markets for those German exporters.


    May 7, 2012 at 10:14 pm

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