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Thought readers may find this interesting.

Submitted to my patent attorney in California in 1999…


File opened: March 20, 1999

Updated: January 25, 1999

Conceived / Invented by Alex Blok in 1997 while living at College Avenue, Palo Alto, California, USA.


System for using Neutrinos as a communications medium.


Currently, wireless communications systems are dependent on radio signals selected from a spectrum of frequencies. By their nature, radio signals suffer from many limitations making the development of true long-distance high-bandwidth communications networks expensive and a significant technical challenge. This is because radio frequencies suffer from loss due to atmospheric and physical barriers. As an example, for a mobile telephone user to place a call to another mobile phone user, a series of transmission towers are required in order to maintain signal strength. Furthermore, to provide a high bandwidth link between any two communications points of presence requires the costly laying of cables or fiber — sometimes in conjunction with space born satellites that suffer from high launch costs and reliability problems. Another limitation of radio frequency technology is that it requires advanced digital multiplexing to support a large number of communicating entities, such as people or networked devices.

It would be a significant improvement if a method could be devised that allowed direct communication between any two or more devices — without the need for a supporting external network.

The invention disclosed here pertains to using Neutrinos as a method for transmitting information using digital and other coded formats. The advantages of a Neutrino based system over radio frequency systems are significant, and pending feasibility studies, could render all current radio frequency communications systems obsolete–overnight.

Neutrinos have three major advantages over radio frequencies:

a) They are able to penetrate large physical objects, including buildings, and even planets.

b) They travel over vast distances at nearly the speed of light.

c) Multiple Neutrino streams do not interfere with each other.

As an example of how practical and effective a Neutrino Communication System could be, it would be possible for all electronic (and bio-electric) devices to communicate with each other directly, in real-time, no matter their proximity. Furthermore, the ‘bandwidth’ would be potentially unlimited making it possible–for example–for a person carrying a portable HDTV (high definition television) camera to beam high quality live video direct to another person carrying a portable video transceiver anywhere in the world, or even in space a long distance away. In addition, a Neutrino Communication System would allow the concept of an ‘always on’ high bandwidth multi-casting network to be realized. This would mean that pending the development of an new communications protocol, it would be possible for a person to hold real-time high definition teleconferencing ‘calls’ with as many people as they wish. Technically, it would be possible for everyone on Earth to simultaneously communicate in real-time.

Prior Art

There exist a few Neutrino generation and detection experiments around the world, including the Super K in Japan. There are no communications systems based upon Neutrinos.

Summary of the invention (See Fig 1)

A Neutrino emitter (A) will emit pulses of neutrinos (B). The pulses will be detected by a Neutrino receptor (C) and decoded into standard digital signals.


1. A system for communicating using Neutrinos, comprising:

a) A transmitter that converts digital* information into Neutrino pulses;

b) A Neutrino detector and parser;

c) A decoder to convert the Neutrinos back into digital* form;

2. The system of claim 1, wherein…

*Digital is used here as an example format, however, other information coding and modulation techniques could be used.

Conceived and invented by Alex Blok. (C) Alex Blok 1997-2000.

Super K Neutrino Detector being filled with water

A pocket version would be useful

…and then abandoned after I discovered prior art in the form of a system proposed by a science fiction author, hence the text comes to an abrupt halt during the Claims.


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