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“So,” (to quote the very first words of most high tech entrepreneurs when they are interviewed on TechCrunch), we have chaos at Heathrow Airport. I wonder why?

In software design, we use a priceless process known as a ‘Use Case’ (or use case scenario) to design and test the operation of software and systems such as the usability of a cash machine/ATM.

I’ll provide two simple use cases that highlight the differences between applying for entry to the UK and the USA. Note: After winning the green card lottery in approx 1992, I flew all the way from California specially to visit the US Embassy in London where I was put through the fairly gruelling process that weeds out those who it may not be of mutual benefit to emigrate to the USA. Due to the number of people applying and possibly as an attempt to sort the men from the boys, I recall clearly a young man bursting into tears, getting up and leaving. No doubt, he was about to run away, but decided after some deep thought to abandon his quest. It was somewhat moving.


Unlike my US use case, this is based on research and reading only, NOT a real world experience being I’m already a UK citizen.

  1. Arrive at airport or embassy
  2. Present papers
  3. If EU citizen, enter, assuming the computer does not throw up a red flag.
  4. If not a citizen of the EU, explain why you are entering the country:
    1. “To visit family”, (genuinely) “Escape genocide.” etc.
    2. If of dubious intent, fake your intent with the intention of running away from criminal activity and/or to exploit the UK’s overly generous welfare system.
  5. If 4.2, appeal to the left leaning immigration policies, get in and be a burden on the tax payer and so on.


  1. Arrive at airport or embassy
  2. Present papers
  3. Agree to the following:
    1. Take a test to check for AIDS
    2. Have not been a member of the Communist or Nazi parties
    3. Provide evidence that you can exist without dependency on the state
  4. Receive appropriate VISA
  5. Return to/enter the USA and earn your keep, pay taxes
“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”

Ever noticed that here in the UK, most of the scientists at Universities that announce major developments are white? Whilst in the US, there is a fine balance between white and immigrant. This is because in the US, they choose carefully who they allow into their house, and benefit accordingly. Here, there are political motives. The former government made no effort to be selective, instead, allowing uneducated or criminal types in so they could get the vote! Absolutely ridiculous, highly unethical and unfair on the honest majority to be frank.

The fact the UK home secretary is being hung out to dry is unfair. It is not her fault. The people responsible for the chaos at the airports, our national debt and (some of the) other problems afflicting this nation lie entirely with the previous government who really did lay the foundations for today’s chaos and uncertainty. Name one other nation that applies such policies that is economically viable, has a low crime rate and a decent standard of living for those who work for it? And when I say crime, I mean crime against innocent citizens by white and blue collar criminals, NOT, crime between gangs and/or drug dealers that exists everywhere.

Fight back club: Don’t encourage them.

The other pros and cons of our two nations has been discussed by many over the decades, this post focuses on one issue. It would be heavenly if there was NO border control anywhere and we could all freely move to and fro between nations like butterflies. However, until the world is such that this would be possible without risk, it isn’t going to happen. This post is about disciplined ethical immigration and sound economics. What is done with the money made from tax payers is another discussion.


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May 1, 2012 at 6:08 pm

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