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I don’t normally blog about other companies, unless it’s bashing big dirty energy or big we don’t actually need 95% of what you produce pharma, but it’s time for some positive vibes in VA, so here’s praise for Addison Lee Minicabs. A company that shows how creative customer centric entrepreneurship can offer a better and more viable alternative to cartel powered entities that use their corrupt nature to exploit the public and hinder the progress of humanity for reasons that go way beyond this posting, but have a lot to do with liberty.

Having used Addison Lee to ferry my employers crew and I to and from meetings and socials when time was of the essence, the price was FIXED (IE, not dependent on the time it took, so getting stuck at red lights didn’t effect the price) and the service exceptionally efficient. The same even when one was returning from a social under the influence of a drinkipoo or two – they never exploit your situation. Effectively, the responsibility to be efficient lies with you the passenger – if you miss the agreed pickup window time period, well, they will drive on to the next fare.

Anynoodle, have a read of this, which is in the left leaning Guardian, meaning they may have a tone of writing that is not in tune with the opinions of this here blog. The bus lanes are either full with stuck busses, or empty, so if the Addison Lee minicabs can use the lanes without disrupting the buses, why not let them?

Ignore the poor reviews of Addison Lee on Google, most look like plants by competitors because I have heard nothing but praise from other users and if they were that bad, well, they would not still be in business, because that is how the (dignified) capitalist cookie crumbles.

Fight back club: Use Addison Lee!

Goddam I’m angry! (Well, that IS what created blogging in the first place, right?) Days after posting this, AL have veen vilified across the board. That is SO typical of the backwards British, and ironic in view of my post of a few seconds ago on the Skylon space plane technology. An innovative independent business that dares to challenge an overpriced CARtel* is being attacked from all sides, which proves they were onto something. It is no wonder our economy is stuck in neutral and people are broke. The second someone comes along with a more honest business model, they are shut down. And so what if the MD has an opinion? At least he thinks!


*Sorry, could not resist.


Written by Oflife

April 19, 2012 at 10:22 pm

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