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Fracking hell!

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Oh dear, one post after another. Not good to blog during working hours, but cannot let this one slip.

As VA has mentioned before in reference to other matters, a great way to get away with something dubious is by deception. Case in point: During most of the debate about fracking, the worrying issue was that the chemicals used to extract the gas could eventually leak into the groundwater above, polluting that used by future generations. A while back, I listened to a superb BBC Radio 4 program on fracking, where scandinavian government scientists had looked into the effects of fracking. The outcome was worse than they imagined and they decided to oppose it. The twin threats are not so much the minor quakes, but the aforementioned pollution and the fact the gas obtained is not a low carbon fuel. Effectively, we would be moving from a dirty fuel (coal), to a slightly less dirty fuel, fracked gas.

So the UK government and the company behind the fracking are diverting public attention away from the threat of polluting to the easier to placate risk of minor quakes. The same in the USA, where fracking is now being adopted by a government who were voted in and continue to state they desire a switch to sustainable energy. But then, that administration got in through deception, so no surprises there!


Ray to go!
Photo taken this morning by the author and uploaded to this post on location.

Whilst a camp science fiction movie should not really be referenced in a blog like VA, there was a key scene in Independence Day when the alien Will Smith’s character captured forms a telepathic connection with the President. He asks the alien why they are here, to which the Alien responds, (approximate): “We have exhausted our resources and are scouring the Universe for what we need. When we’re done with your planet, we will move on to the next!” At the time I remember thinking that the message of this scene was a hint at our own behaviour and we were not much different. Something that could haunt us in the future.

Fight back club: The only ways to stop fracking is to protest en masse (won’t happen, we’re all too busy or exhausted) and/or begin to move to a sustainable lifestyle whereby you are not dependent on a fuel source you do not approve of. For my part, I am putting much time into thinking about how to bring about a practical economically viable solar economy and therefore have been experimenting with solar panels and solar powered household gadgets. So far, very impressed with some offerings. The problem is, those who lack vision and desire short term results and shareholder returns will do anything to delay sustainables – as hinted at in the aforementioned Guardian article. The West missed a huge opportunity to invest it’s previous oil wealth in new technology, choosing instead to spend the money elsewhere. Yes, we need to move away from nuclear and fuels imported from dubious nations, however, rushing into a short term solution is storing up problems for the future. But greedy short termists don’t care, leaving the ball in the court of the consumer and entrepreneur.



Tim W at The Daily T says we should frack.


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April 17, 2012 at 9:49 am

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  1. In my neighbourhood roof-mounted solar panels have gone up (largely in the last 12 months) on between around a third to a half of homes.

    Ray Kurzweil says that Solar panel efficiency is growing at an exponential rate. ie within a few years they will be WAY more efficient than they are now. Also could be a good technology for the impoverished (relatively) southern hemisphere – particularly africa. Stick up enough of those panels and you could start selling electricity to us in the northern hemisphere!


    April 18, 2012 at 10:05 am

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