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As frequent VA readers will know, despite my day job in what we Brits call ‘IT’ (such a terrible, crusty old school term!), this blog has become unintentionally almost entirely focused on the surveillance state – in particular matters like this, that are more worrying than any other threat to our freedom and dignity.

By studying history and making day to day observations, it should be clear to all that those who have a low opinion of themselves are fairly likely to abuse any power obtained through their employment or membership of an organisation. As per my forthcoming (delayed because I am busy) BREAKDOWN post, having earlier this year been abused in public by almost thug like staff at a railway station (witnessed and recorded), I know first hand what it is like to be a hard working citizen who is targeted by people with a grudge. This happens in dictatorships and leftist nations – and the UK is fast becoming both thanks to a mix of efficient cold automated technology, weak frightened politicians and (alas) the general populace whose values and self respect has been stripped away by over 10 years of rot.

From my travels around the world, including villages and cities in Egypt, mainland Europe and of course, the USA, one comes to the same conclusion every time! Where there are left wing politicians or repressive governments in positions of power, there are high levels of crime against innocent people (as opposed to between gang members or inter group conflict) and the general standard of living is much much worse. Compare to cities or rural communities where there is ZERO tolerance on serious crime by the community AND police, so one can enjoy a higher standard of living and not feel repressed.

I blame councils, whose staff are paid almost double that of a recently graduated software engineer, and so, in turn, have to bring in enough money to pay themselves. So cameras are installed, impractical speed limits and parking restrictions are enforced, leading to the entrapment of hard working people in return for a nice little earner that is equal to one or two weeks food shopping. And to read in the aforementioned article that Google stand to receive £2billion for their help in all this monitoring is an outrage, and negates their “Do no evil.” mantra!

If the government(s) are so concerned about crime and civil disorder, they should invest their billions in laying the foundations for a more tolerable society that will reduce crime and terror because people will be content with their lifestyles. And that means moving to clean sustainable energy, efficient public transport and an education system that breads intelligent capable workers.

All they are doing at present is using fear to oppress people because they have failed to apply the aforementioned, rather than deal with the cause of the crime. Again, improve the standard of living for people and crime will fall. Want evidence, visit any random rural community. The system is self regulating, no (electronic) surveillance required. All powered by disciplined family units, low unemployment, low noise and clean air.

This post is slightly ‘random’, but I think you know what I’m getting at.

I’ve invented a slogan! “REPRESSION – TOOL OF THE FAILED!”


Written by Oflife

April 8, 2012 at 10:33 am

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