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On my return from the US in 2000, it became increasingly obvious that the UK was tragically importing the worst of American culture, rather than the best that otherwise great country has to offer. Whether junk food, dumbed down (mainstream) TV or a lawsuit mentality, we almost had it all, and now, we’ve completed our collection – mass murder.

One of the subjects discussed within a dedicated page at Vision Aforethought > On > Gun Crime was a blunt analysis of why there are so many mass shootings in the US – NOT to be confused with gang shootings and single victim crimes.

It has little to do with the guns being easy to acquire, nor poverty, or family arguments, or drugs, or alcohol – even if those trigger and ‘lubricate’ the perpetrators behaviour.

* * * I N T E R M I S S I O N * * *

Horrors like this appear to be becoming more common in the UK, validating my observation that lack of inherent internal cultural restraint (BEING SPOILED!) and a me first attitude can lead to such behaviour.

Beyond the general dumbing down, what makes things even worse here is that for all the flaws in US culture, due to the history of the country, mature Americans do not go about life with the appalling sense of bitter entitlement that X-Factor, Big Brother, reality TV ‘business’ shows, social media and other sources of instant schadenfreude, gossip, false success and superficial mass ‘friendship’ generate.

(Irony of ironies, we are now EXPORTING our poop to the USA!)

People born into and living this muck are going to become, to quote, “Seriously f*cked up” and seriously f*ck up other people on their way down.

To make things even worse, one of the people responsible for turning British television into a bastion of trash received a dong from the Queen. Despair!

Sadly, the perpetrators and victims of all this are innocently unaware of their station.

How long before the tide turns and the people responsible for creating the contemporary British underclass are put on trial for abusing and damaging at least a generation with all the consequences?

“You Sir are charged with ruination of a nation. What say you?”

Fight back club: Comment with your ideas below. I’ve run out of oomph and have work to do.

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Written by Oflife

January 2, 2012 at 10:23 pm

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