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World War 4 / 2+2=5 (apparently)

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I tweeted a while back that a major blog post would soon appear, entitled World War 4. Life and work got in the way, so like most ‘non critical’ tasks, it got put on the back burner. Today however, the events on the streets of major cities around the world (4th QTR 2011) inspire a quick pause in work to post this and get a few of thoughts out of the way – most of which have been bubbling away in my mind for decades. It is possible some of you feel the same way too.

As the parents will tell you, I never had time for fairy tails when a child, always questioning the logic of rabbits that could talk or other innocent fantasies. Being a rational child has it’s flaws as well as it’s benefits, but that’s another discussion! If you sit there motionless when people spontaneously clap at a mediocre entertainer, you will understand my point.

As one matures and becomes enlightened, (the latter of which accelerates if you live in California for a while thanks to the infinitely creative and inspired anything goes culture), you can tell when you are being hoodwinked and separate the wheat from the chaff. Most of us are aware of all this but lack the time to do anything about it, so this post makes no claim to originality!

I had also been planning another post entitled 2+2=5, apparently. However, I have decided to merge it with WW4 due to the convergence of issues.

OK, let’s get on with it…

There is something about the Western way of life. Just about everything is a sham – twisted for financial or political reasons – or both – or even simply because we’ve got into a muddle. For some of this, we can probably blame the invention of the middle man, whose motives have nothing to do with science, logic, reason, compassion, nature or common sense, but profit. In fact, those former concepts are all the same holistic force, and one could classify them simply under ‘nature’, so let’s do that!

Like a magician who gets the audience to focus on one hand whilst performing his magic in the other, no matter the subject, the more confusion and lack of rational facts, the harder it is to make a credible argument or protest with clarity and confidence. No one really knows what is going on.

Where is the datum? Who says ‘it’ is true? Can you prove it? If you do punch 2+2 into the grand all knowing knowledge machine, what will the result be? Who is going to fiddle the programming so that the answer is 5? And why?

A few examples:

  • According to some medical research, eggs are good for you. Update: According to some other medical research, eggs are not good for you.
  • According to long term scientific projections, Earth will experience a sudden mini ice age within the next few decades. Update: According to long term scientific projections, Earth will experience global warming within the next few decades.
  • According to scientists, polar bears are drowning whilst trying to swim between ice flows to find food because the ice is melting faster than it used to. Update: According to others, polar bears have always drowned whilst trying to swim between ice flows.
  • According to scientists, if we do not switch to carbon neutral fuels as soon as possible, we can expect catastrophic climate change. Update: Man’s effect on the environment is miniscule, it is the sun we should focus on.
  • According to the Japanese government, the level of radiation from the Fukishima nuclear plant is………………………………………… Update: …………………………………..any ideas?
  • According to economists, free markets self regulate. Update: According to some other economists, free markets do not self regulate.
  • According to scientists, cancer and other ‘contemporary’ illnesses are on the increase due to the fact our bodies have been absorbing the bi-products of (naively developed) materials, such as plastics and household cleaners. Update: People are living longer, so more succeptable to diseases and cancers that effect us all as we age.

So who produced the aforementioned updated data? Well educated sincere researchers driven by the desire for truth or malleable scientists whose ‘sponsors’ have an agenda?

The problem we have is that each side of the issues listed above may well be partially or entirely accurate. But when one or two of the 7 deadly sins inserts their influence in conjunction with a gradual dumbing down of the populace, all credibility is lost and the ‘system’ fails. People lose faith. They gang up on the nearest scapegoat, even if some of the targets of their anger are innocent. After all, not every entity follows a specific ideology or is of a specific personality. We are all different – unless brainwashed en masse.

This focus on specific scapegoats can lead to horrific consequences, as history has proven more than once.

In Rome and other cities today, people are justifiably protesting because they have become disillusioned. And while some may be responsible for their station, some represent an underlying feeling that I am willing to bet a good 20% of those reading this (no matter your class or creed) will sense.

Something is wrong and the wheels are starting to come off – everywhere, and this needs to be resolved pronto!

What the protestors SHOULD be angry about

  • Bank charges that trigger an unstoppable loss of financial control
  • Lack of investment in clean sustainable energy
  • Western installation of despots
  • Failure to invest in public transport due to influence of carbon fuel industry

But hang on, these things are not as bad as genocide, cancer and other issues. Indeed, but if ones life is so focused on dealing with every day annoying issues, one cannot sit down and focus on those things that are important to our lives, families or society – such as charity and goodwill.

Preventing WW4 from escalating

In the mean time, if you want to make a difference, try to avoid using carbon fuel or biofuels and research ALL YOU CAN about solar energy. A solar economy is the solution to almost (almost) all of our ills. Rational argument to follow – and an explanation as to where WW4 comes in. (It has started, and it isn’t going to end anytime soon. And unlike most geographically defined wars of the past, World War 4 really is between the forces of good and evil, concepts that know no boundaries.)


Why WW4? Hundreds of thousands of people died in the ‘cold’ wars that followed WW2. To entitle this post WW3 would dishonour them. The cold war was indeed a world-war, even if the location of the wars was varied.


Written by Oflife

October 15, 2011 at 6:56 pm

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