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The bright green LED digits on my cube shaped clock radio indicated I had awoken this morning at 06:25. Seconds later, just as I was deciding whether to get up or roll over, my iPad emitted it’s gentle incoming email sound. A tone that differs from the regular cold blips and beeps that other devices and machines make — less of a disturbance, more of a friendly, “Hey there, just letting you know.”

The email was from a good friend I met in 1992 whilst he was working in Computer Attic on University Avenue in Palo Alto. An Apple authorised reseller, the Attic was staffed by people who loved what they sold in an enthusiastic manner that to this day, no other company or brand has been able to emulate. The email was a short comment that eluded to the fact Steve Jobs had passed away – my first notification of the sad news.

The reason why people are drawn to Apple is because in their hearts they know there is someone at work behind the scenes striving to perfect the company’s current innovations whilst at the same time working on the next ‘insanely great’ thing.

Apple is in effect, sentient.

That passion, awareness and drive offers some an inner confidence, that no detail will be ignored and our current and future sensitivities and (often) subconcious desires will be taken care of, even if sometimes (frustratingly) according to Apple’s timetable, not ours.

The thoughtful effort put into crafting the gentle ‘ding’ that greeted my awakening this morning is what makes Apple different, thanks to Steve Jobs.

Update (Nov 2011): Despite a lifelong interest in Steve and Apple, and close association with the company and some key employees (on a personal and business level), it is only since reading the large number of quotes from his official biography (and some recently uncovered video recordings) that I have learned so much about Steve Job’s philosophies and thoughts on so many subjects. Each of which is rational, logical and deeply compassionate, the latter of which is often hidden when such a CEO is disciplining and micro managing his team to ensure said philosophies are adhered too within the company and product! I have always felt the same way and think it a great pity these thoughts of his were not made more public prior to his passing. Such a pity too so few companies are lead by people who ‘get it’ and see beyond their station.

Update (Dec 30 2011): In what one could call a momentary lapse of reason, when I originally posted this, I somehow left out the most important fact – the email I received on the iPad was regarding Steve’s passing and the first I learned of the news. I have updated the post above to reflect this. Strange how the mind works, or doesn’t.


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October 6, 2011 at 9:03 am

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