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“Regarding social commentary, Kubrick has been noted for the recurring theme of concern with the over-mechanization of society which, in its attempt to create a safe environment, creates an artificial sterility that breeds the very evils it tries to exclude.”

I hadn’t planned on posting this, but whilst catching part of Full Metal Jacket on TV I started reading the Wikipedia entry on Stanley Kubrick and came across the aforementioned quote that bares much in common with one of the main themes of this blog. Namely the concern that politically correctness, (misused/ridiculous) ‘human rights’ and health and safety laws, dumbed down media, robotic call centres manned by clueless artificially friendly automatons, council jobsworths entrapping the middle classes and social media and other ‘inhuman’ concepts devoid of five senses will have the opposite effect their well meaning OR bitter creators intend. And the recent riots in the UK validate this, as does the gradual collapse of ethical dignified society, in particular in the UK. And I am not even bringing up the main symptom of all this, stress! Life is just so complicated now.

Fight back club: Follow the wise.

Re Kubrick, I have found each one of his films, in particular 2001, Eyes Wide Shut, Dr. Strangeglove and AI* to be so intellectually and conceptually beyond any other that there is no comparison with the mainstream. The man was a unique and talented visionary genius who you either get or don’t, or get later as you mature. Example, when first seeing 2001 as a child, I found it boring. A fine argument to constantly seek enlightenment, because that way, you appreciate more and more of what life has to offer!

*A JV with Spielberg, but Kubrick’s influence was everywhere.


Written by Oflife

September 7, 2011 at 12:15 am

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