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Lego Sinclair ZX-81 dock I built in 1981

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Posting this in reference to this post on Engadget that features a far more sophisticated creation.

The ZX-81 shown above is currently in our office and by re-fitting a resistor I removed to fix another gadget in the 1980s, it should still function

I also built a functioning lego bedside alarm clock (pics yet to be scanned in) and a hovercraft, although the latter cheated – it had wheels! Well, I was only about 7 or 8 at the time and yet to acquire an electric motor powerful enough to produce the necessary lift! 😉

In 1982 I won a Sinclair Spectrum in a competition to design a computer of the future.  Later, a huge lightening bolt hit our house travelling down the TV antenna, arcing across to the electricity cables and destroying ALL our electronic gear including the Spectrum, our new colour TV and my JVC/Sony/Technics HiFi. With the insurance payout, I bought a BBC Micro 32K and learned 6502 assembler. And that dear reader, is how we started the company!


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