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The events in Egypt are what happens when foreign nations install leaders and then hope for the best. Now there is the risk that extremists may take over, so it will be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. Let’s hope whatever happens is fair to all and a positive role model for other similarly run nations in that hot-n-spicy part of the world.

I enjoyed a 9 day visit to Egypt in January 2004 and am trying to locate the missing 3/4 of my hand built photo diary that used to be on the web. Once I recover the content I’ll re-publish it. The Egyptians appeared relaxed, happy and enjoyed a superb diet that even after just a few days makes you feel years younger – probably thanks to it being completely fresh and unprocessed – unlike our poison. Any underlying repression by the authorities was hard to ascertain over such a short period of time, although what went on when the tourists were not looking is anyone’s guess. (Research what Sir Roger Moore had to say about visiting despotic or poor nations to shoot Bond movies, oblivious at the time to the hidden plight of the locals.) Either way, my group never engaged in any talk about politics, it was all about the culture. The guides were knowledgeable, friendly and funny. Hopefully we can return, as some good friends were made on the bustling streets of Cairo and Aswan!

Mask of you know who – Egyptian Museum, Cairo – January 2004
© 2004 Alex B (Flickr: Taikitso) using Sony f717


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January 30, 2011 at 5:11 pm

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