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During the previous cold winter at the start of 2010, and during this current cool down, one or two climate sceptics were quick to observe the temperature was not quite as warm as we had been warned by global warming theorists. There are flaws in this argument. 1) No one credible said that winters would be warmer – articles in the biased in so many other ways Independent are not to be trusted. 2) Most scientific analysis made a while back stated quite coherently that global warming (yes, warming, not climate change), could cause the gulf stream to slow down, therefore bringing Europe into the same temperature zone as Canada – a country that lies on the same parallel as the UK and other nations who are kept (relatively!) toasty thanks to the gulf stream. 3) There is another factor that is of course beyond the blame of humanity, namely the recent increased solar activity. This in turn (may) cause the Earth to almost holistically protect itself, and cool down! (Not to mention the cooling effects of high altitude pollutants and volcanic dust that deflect the sun’s rays.) 4) For some reason that I’m becoming convinced has a lot to do with genetics (controversial statement there, hmm?), those who are on the far right and often oppose any attempt to improve our lot when it comes to matters environmental seem to be both dim, selfish and wealthy. The mind boggles how they achieved the latter based on the former, beyond inheritance or outright compassionless greed.

Whilst based on years of actual studies and hands on this blog is happy to predict the technological and socio technological future ;), it isn’t experienced enough to observe that we may be living through the start of a mini ice age – predicated by aforementioned experienced scientists many decades ago.

Let’s see how things look in March/April 2011!

Remember, this isn’t about global warming. This is about climate change. Whether we roast or freeze, both are as bad as the other. But if we cannot escape either, but have a choice, what’s your poison?

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Fight back club: Ignore special interests. Get scientific! 2+2=4 no matter how much stock you own in big oil/coal/biofuel/static wind turbines etc


Written by Oflife

December 19, 2010 at 8:10 pm

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