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Here comes Holovision!

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Not long ago, I warned that all this hype over ‘3D’ content was a pointless fad and a vast waste of resources. The genuine practical way forward was actual immersive holographic 3D, offering the potential to sit around your Holovision ‘coffee table’ and watch a football game  – even poking the holographic players as they darted around the pitch! Well, although I knew Sony and others had such technology in the labs, it looks like someone else has too. And what they are doing is going to render a lot of our technologies and ways of doing things obsolete.

The social factor
Having now spent much time using an iPad, it provides an ideal 2D introduction to this new way of experiencing information.

Thanks to its form factor and decent sized screen, you can place an iPad in front of a number of people and entertain or allow them to partake in the fun – no matter which side of the viewing surface they are located. For example, you can hold a spontaneous social gaming session (such as table top hockey or other touch screen game) at a bar, coffee table – or even out in the park!

This scenario is impossible with laptops and mobile phones, whose screens are angled the wrong way or too small.

Fight back club: Do not spend too much money on fake ‘3D’ equipment. Wait for the real McCoy!

Update: Looks like Charlie Brooker agrees.

Update 2: And so do Apple.


Written by Oflife

November 3, 2010 at 9:03 pm

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